Saturday, 8 August 2009

Our Hill

This is our hill, on Wednesday you saw one of this lots of photos so youll see whats we were doing, Theres so many goodies on our hill, wallabie chews, bunnie and sheep nibbles, knaker naker moossse. Buts theres also lots to sniff out and also some chassies. Nots the sheep, were nots allowed to chase the sheep, or the chookies acctuallys buts there is ones were allowed, mainly becuse there real fast ans go through into the dams or through the fence ans where nots allowed to go past thems (the fence that is) ans were allowed to chase the bunnies buts only the wilds ones, we do knows the differnce as we learnt bout boundarys whens we was youngs.
We seek thems here.
and everywhere.
This way
No! that way
Over here
Nope! over there
They were heres
Ands here.
Oy, Ailsa, gets a move on.
and been around here.
ans there gones cause were the bosses ans its our hill
Ands now were heading home, but first do you wants to see whats we were seeking.

Knaker nakers.

a close ups of
Tasmanian Native hens


  1. I was wondering what the knacker nacker was!!

  2. Same here!

    Tank woo fur sharing!

    Do they taste like khat?


  3. Oooooh, lots of great smells!! I felt like I was there with you! Those hens are very interesting. :)


  4. Thanks for your kind message to Cookie. Wow, Cookie and Cinnamon would love your hill!!


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