Saturday, 1 August 2009

Play Time

Hi's. Skin sista come to visit again. We's been out to chase the chookies...........opps I means feeds the chookies. Skin Sis helpings me withs my blog todays. She founds my old pull toy an decided I was a puppy again. I's really not into this play thing, I's just likes to lazzzzzzz. Mums really into the happy snappies nowes!!!!! She's got somes of us looking for knaka knakas (wild chookies) ands wes founds some! We's gonna saves vose pictures fors anovers rainies day.
Oks, if it makes you happy, give me the other end.
na nana na na, I gots it, catch me ifs you caanssssss
Comes an gets me

1 comment:

  1. It looks like I see three happy faces!

    If woo were khloser, I'd khome an gets woo!



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