Sunday, 16 August 2009

Thankyou skin sis

Is cant shows you any pics today cause the big dish in the sky thats talks to the ones on our roof is sick so our server is slowed down so much I cants up load any pictures. Anyways our skin sis was here ons the weekend so she puts our chocolate brown ones on her puter ands puts them up for us whens she gots home so Thankyou skin sis, will gives you exta hugs nexts time Is see yous.

Wells its raining agains, so we havnt actuly gots any new pics so i donts suppose yous going to miss much. I dun know you would think the sky wouds of run out ofs wet stuff by now ands its nots supoose to stops for days yet, I wills let you knows if I start to gets webed feets.

I gots a new teddie, will shows you when I can, hmmmmmmm its pink, well it was goin to be for next Thursdays pics thens it was to be fors me. Mums gots it from the opp shop, wells I cants thinks of anything else to tells you withouts photos, seems its may be a couple of weeks before its fixed.


  1. Oh no - no pictures of the two of you! Hey, we understand! These issues happen, right?
    Our paws are crossed that your rain stops! Somehow we can't picture the two of you swimming with webbed feet and quacking like ducks!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Thanks for the tip about the lavender oil. I bet it would make me nice and shiney too.


  3. Tekhhnology is so NOT our furiend sometimes!



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