Sunday, 23 August 2009

Im's back

We haves been trying to put somes photos up buts its been so slow so today we tried puts Ailsa ups and its here. Mums has been extreamly lazy, she gots dishlousand whens she couldnt gets our phot ups so nows out of habit of trying each day, we haves bin visiting though, loves to see all thats agility, we loved it but Ailsa gots to old ands I hurt my neck. to be honest we havnt been up to much, its stil raining ands though we live on the tops of a hill so its all runs away its all muddy ands the autum leaves that never gots raked up because its never stoped raining ar now all gacky and slippy slimmy. Mums trying to gets into the garden buts its just to muddy ands all the bulbs are popping ups among the rubbiss of fallen twigs and branches as we bin getting lots of wind, its 2 weeks to Spring buts I think its forgotton.


  1. Woo have things poppin' up
    and I have leaves starting to drop!


  2. Hi, I'm Sally Ann and my big brother is Mack. I don't think I've meet y'all. We have a blog. Would you please be our friend? You look very well loved.
    Sally Ann, a three year old Welsh girl from Atlanta

  3. Well it's really hot and humid and muddy around here. Kinda like MISERABLE. Youse guys are like Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat. She lives in Mel-Bun and she has backward weather like y'all and she can actually write to us from TOMORROW. How's that for being mist tie cal.
    - TBH&K


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