Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Big Hunt

We was going on our afternoon walk on our hill when we spotted a wabbit running ups there so I tooks off after its. This is me on the hill. Ailsa is checking the rushes as she likes to go thro the tunnals pwetending shes a big game hunteres

I founds a wabbit hole so I stuck my heads in to see if its was home.

It was a bit small so I knocked on its door.

The hole sort of gots bigger

And bigger

Anyways I wasn't getting any further cause its had a tree root ins the way so I gave my sis a call cause shes better at digging than me.

She came a tooks a look
and checked out the size

before getting into it

It wasnt long before she had dug and bits that root out

Anyways it was at that time as I was waiting her her to give me a turn thats I found it on the other side of the bump.


oh well it was fun while it lasted and its getting a bits dark so we had a discushin abouts leving it till tomorrow then headed to the dams to wash our paws and headed for home.

Me waitin for Ailsa
And off home.


  1. Rabbits are very sneaky. We have some that live in our neighborhood, but they always run away when I try to talk to them! They must be up to no good!

  2. Great hole digging... wish you could have caught something though. You must have been mighty disappointed:(

  3. DOH'!!! Maybe next time you can split up and one can cover the back door!!


    Please know I have been reading all your posts! It's just so hard to find good help these days...


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