Saturday, 5 September 2009

Visit Huffle Please

Its Burtie here, sorry I gots a dirty face buts I been sticking it in dusty sheds hunting mice ands I'm in a bits of a hurry to lets you know that Huffle is giving a donation of 25¢ for every comment they get to there 500th post to the Cat Protection Society, Victoria. so do go along and helps her. PUrrruhmf, gots that done before those damn dogs shove me off here.


  1. Hey Burtie! Thanks for commenting on my 500 blog, and thanks for posting about it here! Hopefully I'll get lots more comments so we can donate lots of paper monies to the cat shelter.

    I'll make sure to come back and visit again.

    Huffle Mawson


Thank you for having a bark with us, we realy do listen and read them all and we like to know who to visit.