Monday, 14 September 2009

Just Thinking

Fill the bag stuffies

Do you alls have rituls with your stuffies. Mums gets most of mines from the opp shop she works in ands when theres mountains of stuffies she puts them for a "fill the bag sale", its at that time I gets a choice as she usually buys a bag full for me ands whats I dont want goes to her friend down the road. Buts other times if she sees one she thinks is dogie safe and that I will like it she buys its. Anyways when she comes home I always see if shes gots a stuffie for me, I checks the bag to if she doesnt hand me one and sometimes its not for me buts for her but I insist on taking it, anyways its got to be such a habit of me looking for my stufffie its come to my attention that sometimes I seem to be brining in the same one. Nows I checked and I havnt got two the same of any so I'm going to have to watch shes not cheating me out of stuffies.

Now when I was a little boy I used to chew and unstuff all my stuffies. I used to behead thems. Buts I'm goods now and just cuddle and carry thems around buts I dont like noisy stuffies, you know the ones thats grunt or squeek, Wilmot at Rainbow loved noisy ones, somtimes I likes to greet peoples with them. or whens Ailsa and Dads is playing with the silly red laser light I think is stupid I graps one of my stuffies to gets Dad to play with it instead.

Ailsa doesnt play with stuffies much except to tug of war with me buts she doesnt play thats much now. But she does have one special teddie, I gots one the same buts a differant colour. she tooks the nose of hers and I took the eyes off mine, we gots them from under the Christmas tree whens I was little. we never take the others teddie, they stay in our nigthtime beds. sometimes when Mums is cleaning them up we might pick up the others ted just to annoy buts we never harm them.

I picked this one and Ailsa gots the beatle bear cept she droped it in a puddle so it needed washin again, Mums insists on washing thems before we can have thems full time to take on the beds and things.


  1. When did he stop eating all his stuffies? Please tell me it will happen to Jack soon! :)

  2. I have lots and lots of stuffies bekhause I don't hurt mine...

    Tank woo fur sharing your stuffy tales!


  3. I'm always rescuing stuffies - well in truth teddy bears, so am glad you are now gentle with yours and still have your original bear.
    I had to LOL @ the washing line, but won't show the photo to my bear Woodstock who also blogs!

    Love, pats & pets


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