Thursday, 17 September 2009

True Colour Thursday

Todays colour is GOLD as in Autumn's golden glow. Hmmm, Its Spring. Now why didn't we take photos then. You may of noticed by now that our world revolves inside our fence line and wereas Mums would quite easily go around taking snaps of everything when she goes into town Dads is a bits shy so you first gots us, can you see our angel wings, they have a golden glow. Mums could of painted our buster cube gold.

Here we are again from the weekend when we was helping clean up again, laying in the golden sunshine, since we havnt see much of it lately we gots to make the most of it, see the chook, she's golden, she's gots lots of names, full one is Recalcitrant, sometimes Recalt, Wanda, or ****, shes a free spirit so except for feed times doesnt stay with the other chooks, she sleeps in the fir tree at night.

This is the bottle brush growing by the shed. sometimes the parrots get into it and chomp up the brushes.

Mums got this teddie from the Opp shop. She needs a better coller an she hasnt a name yet.

Now then, we dont have a teddy this week, ands I know your wondering whys we have a photo that isnt gold buts you gots to use your imagination. This is Ailsa and my shed. But as you see it gets used by someone else, nots only that as it is Spring, buts they even stayed with us the last two winters. Mums doesnt recon it will stay up long enough as its allready craking up and look.

And even closer.
And under the nest is the mess they makes of our house. Its been to wet for Mums to clean it out for us, an once again is me whos a bits golden.

And here its morning tea time fors Mums, Dads, Ailsa, Burtie and me.
If you wants to play True Colour Thursday go and let Blue know, next week its BLUE & YELLOW together.


  1. I think you both & the chicken had a golden glow sitting in the sunshine.
    Mum's new Teddy is very sweet - you could christen her Goldilocks.
    And, the tiny gold mouths of the baby swallows is inspired - I've never seen such a close before.

    Love, pats & pets

  2. I think I would have to ask that chook what she tastes like! -- Jack

  3. What a fun visit I had with your golden four-legged friends! And the new teddy bear is adorable. Wish I could have golden tea with you. Thanks for sharing a bit of your world!

  4. Ah yes...yet more proof of our khool bloggin' is we'll get to share your seasons that were just our seasons!

    Tank woo fur sharing your goldens!


  5. Mom loves the bottle brush flower! How pretty it is!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Perhaps the bear could be Goldy.
    Sally Ann

  7. Tea time? That sounds lovely. Is that a little kibble I see on the tray? I'm going to suggest that WE have tea tomorrow!

  8. How nice to lend your speaces to the little birds. They have a hard time, you know, having to build their houses from scratch like that.

    Momma says when the internets are slow she has to read many blogs at once and jump around whilst waiting for windows to refresh.



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