Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Flashback Tuesday (5)

Or here before Blogging photos.
This week is Mandy. We dont have a lot of photos of her she wasnt a dog who liked having her photo taken and of course in her day it was the slow have to take to be developed ones, She came into our lives about 1978, she was about 9 months old, kids then 3 and 6 were not to keen on her as she was very mouthy and just wasnt Udo, it took awhile but she proved herself to have very special talents, one being tracking, not sure if they found that good or bad but there was no hiding from her, she proved a very wise, careing and adaptable dog who took house moves and traveling in her stride, because of town living she was an only dog for the first half of her life but being in town she had plenty of other dogs to play with.

This chair was in this house when we bought it. Its been the DOGs chair for many many years and still exists, but on the veranda. Theres always been a bit of an "ownership" about it, at the moment it belongs to Ailsa. This was taken about 1986
A town dog she may of been but she loved country life, she did eventually learn that furry creatures where not for her entertainment. She discovered a large grub that she would sniff and dig out, she would stand beside us when ever we were digging in the garden to grab them eventually the youngsters she had to keep her company also learned to like them, none of the dogs who did not have her lead has ever eaten them. We used to have strawberry plants around the garden but never had a strawberry off them till the day she died then we couldn't eat them as it was to sad that we had them, she could eat a bucket of apples at a blink of on eye, she would go through the fallen walnuts and know what ones had a nut in the shell, tomatoes were devoured, just on the turn, not to red but past the green. She would pluck all the blackberries without getting a scratch, found a couple of mineral spots that she would eat the dirt from, a trate passed on to each of her followers. She had heartworm TWICE, yes she was been given medication, we couldn't work out how she would of got it, she was treated successfully but a few months latter on another move we were packing her bed and down in the crease were all the tablets, we never figured out how she kept them in her mouth so long.

This is Lamby, one of many Lambs she cared for, we would give them there bottles but she looked after them, washing them, checking on them in there pens, she would be seen walking across the paddock with her "babies" following behind her.

And this pair, well they never met Mandy but both eat the soil at her mineral patches.

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  1. Ahhhhhh!

    What great pikhs and some furry khool memories!

    Tank woo fur sharing!



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