Sunday, 6 September 2009

Dads day in Garden

Hope all the Aussie Dads had a good Dads day today, for once it wasnt raining, it was a bit cool but Ailsa and I helped/directed the humans clean up some of the twigs and branches so we coulds run around wivout tripping up in a tangle of rubbish. Dads cleaned ups Tara's garden first, we thots we was going to have BBQ buts we didnts, thats was a bits confusing buts we dids have morning tea there. I hurts Ailsa as I was running round with a branch I was clearing ups and it hits her so thens I run around and around her buts she just stod there refusing to play then whens I wasnt looking she pounced me, anyways this is some of the time we spent working ands then running round the piles. OK I was running round the piles.

This is me checking out some of what needs clearing ups.
and this lot cause its were we lay to watch the humans cook sausages so it needs clearing!!

Tara's Garden, all cleaned ups, Tara is under thats tree and Wilmot, Tanya and Jessie are just behind the rocks.
Ailsa waiting for the BBQ thats didnt happen.

Mes helping clean ups

Bringin more rubbish
See I a fast worker
Buts then i gots carried away with the thrill of the run

Wheeeee over I go
Come on Ailsa. I didnt mean to hits you
Commmmmmmmmmme on

Then lets play bitie face
OH oh
Ok, times out, weres nots as young as we once was.
Thens we went in and dads lit the fires as even thou its one week to Spring its still cold and damp, an I was telling hims how much we loves him nots just on Dads day.


  1. It looks like woo had a pretty fun fur the bump!

    Happy Dad's Day!


  2. Glad to see that you are such good helpers and it looks as though you had fun to with Dad.

    Thanks for the info re Passsion Fruit - see only see the purple greens ones on sale here and my book on tropical fruit failed to mention any other edible ones.
    Checked out Sweet Lilikoi passiflora this plant does produce an abundant crop of yellow-orange, pear-shaped fruit but apparently has large red flowers that are strongly perfumed, so is deffinately not my neighbours variety mores the pity!

    Love, pats & pets

  3. Happy Dad's Day! Too bad about the bbq... but looks like you had a great time in the yard!

  4. Y'all look like you had a fun time, except for hurting your sissy. You must be carefull, girls aren't as tough as boys sometimes.
    Sally Ann

  5. Bummer about the BBQ after you were such good helpers!
    Happy belated dad's day to your dad!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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